Dear Parents,

Dear Parents and Students,
I am delighted to announce the establishment of JMD International School in Haldwani. At JMD International School, our vision is to cultivate an environment where students not only succeed individually but also take pride in collective achievements. We believe that a holistic personality is shaped by a balance of physical, emotional, social, and spiritual values. In preparing for the future, we recognize the significance of inquiry, critical thinking, knowledge absorption, risk-taking, effective communication, and introspection.
At JMD International School, Haldwani, we are dedicated to building strong partnerships with parents. We view parents as essential stakeholders in the vital task of educating our children. Your contributions and encouragement throughout the school year are not only welcomed but crucial to the overall success of our educational mission. We believe that the potential each student possesses, combined with their unique talents, hard work, and our guidance, opens up enormous possibilities and opportunities.
As you step through the doorways of this academic institution, you are entering a world of vast possibilities. JMD International School, Haldwani, is committed to providing world-class education facilities. We encourage you to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, making the best use of the resources available. Strive to be your best self and contribute to making the world a better place in your own way.
Remember the wise words, "There are three gifts we should give our children: one is roots, second is courage, and third is wings." We aim to provide a foundation, instill courage, and empower our students to soar to great heights.
With best wishes for a successful and enriching academic journey!
With best wishes !
[Mr.T.C.Pant ]
[Director's Message]
JMD International School, Haldwani