Academic Coordinator's Message

It was very rightly said that ‘’Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations’’.

At JMD International School,Haldwani we strive to give every student the opportunity to express themselves through a carefully planned curriculum. Each child has his own unique quality and as an educator, it is our responsibility to nurture and develop every learner in their formative years.

JMD International School,Haldwani opens its gates every morning to the non-stop chatter, giggles and happy feet of children eagerly rushing into the school, looking forward to a day of fun and action.

With Best Regards !

Our Motto

The motto of school is to transform information with the student into knowledge with futuristic approach towards education according to needs for a better society. We serve for Humanity willingly and selflessly. Our school aims to enhance human value with excellence And prepare our generation for the world of electron and proton-the world of 21st Century. The school is a signified place an all round development of the children. Fostering character buliding, encouraging the scientific temperament and strengthening social bonds are the constant efforts of the school. It gifts its children a healthy computer environment and more value. It help the students to reach their fullest potential whether it is academic results or settling records in the fields of sports and co-curricular activities.